All the whimsy of Beetlejuice in a straightforward, playful track.

Released: 2011 | DOOM Music | Brostep, Drumstep, “Dubstep”

When screechingly frenetic brostep was really popping off in 2011, Beetlejuice stood out as a track that made a surprising amount of sense in its structure. Sure, the sound was “juvenile” compared to the tracks of proper dubstep yore but it was comparatively respectful beside its contemporaries in regards to: 1.) not jerking listeners around uncontrollably every two seconds, 2.) not trying to be darker or harder-than-thou, and 3.) just having fucking fun.

And a whole decade later and it’s still just fucking fun.

Beetlejuice leans all the way into the character of its source material, and it’s this warm, fuzzy, analog sampling that gives this track so much depth and interest.