The relatively forgotten, sillier, groovier sibling to a beloved club classic.

Released: 2005 | Breakbeat Kaos | Drum n’ Bass

Oh, Serial Killer AKA Tarantula (Serial Killer Mix) AKA what Tarantula should have been on Hold Your Colour.

Spicy take aside, Serial Killer is the sillier, groovier could-have-been to Tarantula. While Tarantula has gone on to become essentially known and beloved by all, Serial Killer remains relatively obscure in comparison.

Even so, and in spite of its much grimmer-sounding name, it is a track that really lets Tenor Fly’s vocals shine with a beat that’s got grit, bounce, and a whole lot of funk. A pretty brave color to be wearing for the relatively forgotten elder sibling.

Thanks to Greg of The Vault for snagging this one for posterity.